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Technical Analysis: switching power supply with a new zero-power AC / DC converter
release time:2016-09-21 10:24:54

A high degree of functional integration VIPer0P internal help designers to design a lightweight power while saving component cost.

VIPer0P is a flexible design of the power converter for switching power supply topologies, such as flyback converters, positive or negative output buck converter.

This product has a wide output voltage range (5V-30V) to facilitate the design flexibility to choose the transformer. In many internal protection features, the new magnetic flux density of the leakage occurred during the current spike protection and to prevent transformer saturation start.


Currently, green energy for appliance manufacturers is a huge challenge, to meet current or future introduction of more stringent energy efficiency regulations, appliance manufacturers must follow the design concept of energy saving products.

Smart power products are a major pillar of business STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics is committed to smart appliances with energy-saving power supply, but it is VIPer0P STMicroelectronics commitments example.

Many reasons most of the life cycle of the appliances are in standby mode, wasted a lot of power, leading to this phenomenon is very simple, but no one to turn off mechanical power switch, cut off the electrical power outlet electrical connection.

Intelligent switch management can effectively solve this problem of energy wastage, VIPer0P zero-power mode (ZPM) is precisely designed for this purpose. Even if the appliance is in standby mode, is not disconnected from the electrical outlet, advanced switch management technology can still achieve very low input power.

In fact, the device can automatically shut down after the end of the work cycle, and then restart the power, if necessary. Zero Power Mode is automatically controlled by a microcontroller, it can also be controlled by a low pressure switch or button on the remote system by the user. With zero-power mode, eliminating the need for mechanical switches and electronic products, reduce component costs.

VIPer0P Features

Figure 2 is a block diagram VIPer0P, the assembly includes a 800V breakdown voltage, 20Ω on-resistance of the MOSFET transistors and a built-in over-current protection mechanism fixed frequency current-mode PWM controller. To be able to achieve the minimum electromagnetic interference filter specifications, the operating frequency of the controller Frequency jitter fixed frequency. In terms of energy efficiency and the size of the transformer, to allow customers to choose the most effective solution, STMicroelectronics offers two products, namely (FOSC) switching frequency of the "L" section and 120kHz of "H" section of 60kHz. VIPer0P with light load management function, at the same time a few milliamps load can achieve good energy efficiency.

In order to avoid the human ear to hear the noise at light loads, the leakage current limiting (IDLIM) from 400mA down to 105mA, at this time, the controller enters the pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode.

The product package with SO16 narrow mount (SMD).