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Power converter production Colleges Hot easy to rough fire
release time:2016-09-21 10:28:06

To prevent fire caused by electrical power, many colleges and universities have issued a "limited power order", setting the maximum electrical power and the highest quarters of the total power, although for security reasons, but it also brings some inconvenience. Imagine, because electric power restrictions hostel, students can only look at a hair dryer, hand warmer, heater, electric blanket no avail. Then power converter emerged as the hottest "dormitory artifact." 7 reporter in the survey found that, although the power converter may lead to lower voltage, power conversion role, but there are security risks.

Day Reporters in the survey found that many shops nearby colleges and universities in Shandong Zaozhuang sale of such devices, ranging in price from ten dollars to some 50 million, sales volume is very impressive. "Many students to buy, from school and now I have sold out twice, had two days to purchase." The boss near a university in Zaozhuang City, a shop said. Reporters picked up a power converter carefully observed, in appearance, and ordinary socket is no different, the only difference is in the socket on top of more than a rotatable knob. According to the sales of the power converter shop owner, it is by rotating the knob to reduce the voltage in order to achieve the high-power electrical power becomes small to ensure that under the "limited power order" environment normal use. It is because with this fantastic features, are college students affectionately called "dormitory artifact."

"I like long hair, it developed a daily habit of shampooing, the weather is getting cold, and if any of the first washing hair dry naturally, then it is easy to catch cold, so the crucial role Hair Dryer but there is 'limited power order', with a hair dryer will trip, made me very depressed. "the speaker was a college sophomore in Zaozhuang City of Li, Li said it is for this reason, he before choosing to buy a power converter. "Also not to mention, since the use of this 'dormitory artifact', the trip is not really with a hair dryer, really handy." Li told reporters, under his propaganda, and now there are a lot of students are using the power converter for the effect they are basically satisfied, that is, the time is prolonged use of electrical appliances, such as the former electricity boil water, you can boil ten minutes, with a power converter if you have twenty minutes to boil . "I fear, are able to boil water, but also stronger than the direct trip of it." Li said with a smile.

Then such a device is in use on whether security? Reporter consulted in cultural way a middle school teacher Guo, Guo said power converter principle is by adding a capacitor type device, so that the meter can not detect the actual use of electrical power. "For example, a 2000 watt appliances, by the power converter can make it run at 1000 watts, reduces the bedroom overall power, but because by reducing the operating voltage to reduce electrical power, if you want to achieve the same effect, the use of electrical work time will be relatively prolonged. "Guo told reporters, although the power converter does have this effect, but if you use too much heat type electrical appliances, it may cause burning power converter consequences, leading to fire hazards. "A lot of stores selling converter is very rough, there may be quality problems, it is recommended that you better not use." Guo warned.